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About Us

Amber Dynamic Sun Design is specialized in designing and producing sun awning systems for super yachts.




Who we are

It is our ambition to build sun awning systems that do justice to the delineation of perfectly designed yachts.

The systems are designed in such a way that they fully correspond to the style of the vessel and they form a logical entirety with the overall design of the yacht.

As with all custom-made processes, it takes a lot of time, effort and patience. Every yacht gets the solution it deserves. Sun screening that is entirely custom made, completely integrated into the vessel design. Amber Dynamic Sun Design is based in Lemmer, the Netherlands, where the sun awning systems are manufactured as well.

Our Team



Founder and CEO. Has decades of experience in mechanical engineering and product innovation across high-tech industries. “I am passionate about building a sustainable company that is fun to work at”.




Financial Administrator

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Sales & Marketing

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Our Products

The most attractive sun shades for the world’s most beautiful yachts. Beauty is fragile; the balance of a good design is easily disturbed.

It is our ambition to built sun awning systems that do justice to the delineation of perfectly designed yachts. Screens that underline the beauty of the design rather than disrupt it, with a functionality that is equally top notch.

This is an ambitious objective, but our clients expect ‘the prettiest shadow under the sun’. It is up to us to complete this task successfully and to have our design form a seamless part of the unique nature and appearance of the yacht. This is our mission and our rationale, an ultimate challenge to our innovative powers.

It is a challenge we gladly accept.

Retractable Sun Awning

The top in tailor made: AmberShade® design. 
The AmberShade® Integrated System and Top System: dynamic, telescopic screens that can extend to dimensions of 10 x 5 meters. In exceptional cases, even larger sizes are possible. Due to the combination of the technology applied and the well-thought-out design, the system is windproof.
AmberShade® Integrated and Top System screens dovetail seamlessly with the design of the vessel. The system can, in many cases, be enclosed entirely within the roof construction; the hydraulic screens draw themselves back into their housings and become invisible.

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Telescopic arms made of composite material carry the screens to a free span of several metres. Built-in electric motors drive the screen and the stepless control is done remotely.


For AmberShade® screens, we make use of components that are manufactured in series and that are combined with traditional custom craftsmanship in the execution. We can also realize glass specialised awning screens/ rooftops with built-in sun screening filters.


As a luxurious extra, also lightning can be installed in an AmberShade® system. In this way, a wide range of possibilities that can be realised within a controllable budget is created.


MetamorphosA transforms a full flush deck into an enclosed area for comfortable relaxation. This is a new sundeck concept for the next generation of superyachts.

When the weather is good, the full deck is available for relaxation with MetamorphosA equipment stored out of sight in a compact box below the deck level. As the weather suddenly changes or night falls, the metamorphosis takes place. Seemingly out of nowhere a complete structure made of a weatherproof roof surrounded by windscreen panels, is raised from the deck, creating a fully protected area.

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The options for (partial) closure are various; the roof can be closed or partially closed, while the glass windbreak panels are open. The glass windbreak panels can be partially closed independent from the roof. Ultimately, the entire area can be closed, creating a large space, which can be used day or night, rain or sunshine.

MetamorphosA is a cooperation between Alukwa and Amber Dynamic Sun Design.


The stationary designer uprights are designed in a curved or a straight shape, implemented with exactly the same care and attention to detail as the automatic systems. In these cases too, the design of the yacht is the starting point for the exclusive design. As regards to dimensions, these stationary designer uprights are barely restricted by limits.

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Easily removable stationary uprights are placed on the deck. A screen is mounted among the uprights after it has first been spread out on the deck. The screen is affixed to the uprights and is then hoisted up mechanically. The uprights are just as easy to remove as to place without leaving visible traces behind. Once the uprights have been removed, teak plugs with an ingenious locking system close off the mounting holes discreetly. This applies to all systems.


To experience the functionality and beauty of the design even more, the option to choose for integrated lighting or a mist-spraying upright is made possible by Amber Dynamic Sun Design.


Our parasols combine the best of different worlds. Not only is this parasol easily movable
, it is also a decorative element. The parasol can be provided with special requested design or a design created by Amber Dynamic Sun Design.
The timeless design adds a gleam of sophistication to every yacht.

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The parasols can be easily fastened and removed again from the deck. The parasols are foldable. The pole of the parasol is made of carbon and epoxy, which have the advantage to be very light and strong. The parasol can be positioned in a preferred position, in order to enjoy the sunshine optimally and safely. 

To discover the innovative character of Amber Dynamic Sun Design we currently design a parasol provided with foldable solar cells, LED lighting and, to top it all, there is a wine cooler integrated into the upright.


An elegant carbon fibre flagpole.
Choose an existing design or we produce it according to your ideas.
Available in carbon look or painted to match the yacht’s colour scheme.

Cinema Screen

Have a great outdoor viewing experience with the Cinema Screen of Amber Dynamic Sun Design. The Cinema Screen can be mounted between two columns, as well as in the mast. The screen is easily mountable and removable. Customized solutions in any size.

Roof Systems

In addition to the Retractable Sun Awning we offer roof systems through glass, panels or canvas. This can be a linear roof system, but also semi circular for example. Every roof system is custom made in order to become perfectly compatible with the design of the yacht. Currently we are building a linear roof system with dimensions of 12m x 6m.


“To design and build is a privilege”

- Cees Wijma – CEO Amber Dynamic Sun Design


The beauty of design


Due to the fast growing of AMBER Dynamic Sun Design are the following vacancies available;




As all-round technical employee is your responsibility the assemblage and installation of the sun awning systems, this can be on our own location in Lemmer or at one of the partner shipyards were the ship is build. The systems are mainly build out of Carbon in combination with aluminium and RVS parts. The systems are working electric or pneumatic, or a combination of both PLC controlled.


Job description:



Profile | Function requirements:



We offer:

- Half-year contract with the possibility of renewal and/or permanent contract

- 40-hour working week

- You can start immediately




Job description:

Working in a team on the production of high-quality products for our sun protection systems.

Working with carbon materials; Cutting patterns, preparing the mold and finishing off the further parts.


Profile | Function requirements:

- Hands on mentality

- You work neatly and precisely

- Positive work attitude

- Experience with composite or polyester is a plus. If you do not have this experience, but on a different level, do not hesitate to respond


We offer:

- Varied work in a growing company

- An appropriate salary and travel allowance.

- Temporarily contract with the possibility of renewal and/or permanent contract





Job description:

You work in our assembly workshop where uprights for the sun awning, retractable screens and parasols are (pre-) mounted. Thereby, you are in charge of three assembly workers. As a foreman you are responsible for the performance of the set goals in the weekly schedule. With this information you make your own planning for the assembly workers. You monitor the quality, safety, company- and environmental regulations are complied with. Under your management, the workshop is neat and orderly. You also work closely with the purchasing department to ensure that all the necessary materials are available on time.



- You have experience as a technical mechanic.

- You are used to working with high-quality products.

- You have MBO thinking and working level.

- You can organize well.

- You communicate openly and clearly.

- You have a positive and flexible attitude.

- You are stress resistant.


We offer:

- Varied work in a growing company

- An appropriate salary and travel allowance.

- In the event of proven suitability, a permanent contract.

Contact Details

With a view over the harbor Amber Dynamic Sun Design is located on a beautiful and inspiring place in a town with a rich maritime history; Lemmer, The Netherlands.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or questions!

Amber Dynamic Sun Design

Vuurtorenweg 16b
8531 HJ Lemmer
The Netherlands

+31(0)514 534444

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